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My Opinion on The Kitson L.A. / Brian Lichtenberg Xanax, Adderall, Vicodin T-Shirt/Sweatshirt Controversy (off-topic for my blog)

29 Aug

Kitson Rx Shirts1As I was on my computer, listening to TMZ in the background, I heard the story about the Kitson/Drug drama.  If you aren’t aware of what happened, just search for it, or read an article here.  If you look on Kitson’s facebook page, you’ll see tons of people pissed that Kitson would sell this product.  If no one was paying attention to the abuse of these prescription drugs, I can bet they’re getting a lot of attention now.

Here are my thoughts:

This whole controversy is BS!  People are complaining because people die from abuse of these drugs.  People die from alcohol abuse, but no one gets angry when people walk around in shirts advertising alcohol.  Yes, alcohol is legal, but so are these drugs when prescribed by a doctor.  As a person that has had addiction issues, I choose what I put in my body and a stupid t-shirt won’t make me change my mind either way.  It’s just like society to place blame on others instead of taking personal responsibility for their actions.  

When I was 17, my mother died from Cirrhosis of the Liver.  She abused alcohol for years.  Should I start a petition and ask that alcohol never be advertised on a shirt?  

Before discussing all the controversy around these shirts, I showed my 14 year old son the picture of them.  He wasn’t livid, he wasn’t appalled.  I explained the controversy around these shirts to him and asked him if seeing these shirts would change his mind about drugs.  He answered “no”.  He volunteered that he believed someone wearing it would look foolish.  My 14 year old has seen what drugs and alcohol does to people and doesn’t want to go down that path.  I believe I raised him to be a critical thinker rather than follow the status quo.  

If we’re going to place blame, let’s start with the drug companies that continue to manufacture drugs that are known to be addictive and known to be abused.  Let’s blame the doctors writing prescriptions to known drug addicts and to people that don’t have a legitimate need for the drug.  Let’s blame the parents who don’t teach their kids enough about abusing drugs or don’t pay attention to their kids to realize their is a problem before it’s too late.  We can also blame our good ol’ US government for giving these drugs FDA approval.  Oh, let’s blame the media and music industry too!  So many rappers nowadays glorify drug abuse too.  Lil Wayne is the first one that comes to my mind.

People get mad because a designer used something to make money, but aren’t mad at the drug companies that continually push a product known to be addictive and abused.  I can’t go into a doctor’s office without seeing crappy medicine advertised.  They give the doctors samples and in turn, the patients receive them.

This whole issue bothers me because I have suffered from addiction.  Alcohol was the one I struggled with the most.  I also had an addiction to pain pills.  They were prescribed to me and I had a legitimate need.  I didn’t realize where I was going until my primary doctor made me aware and had me wean off.  Would I get angry because some designer made a shirt with Percocet on the back? No.  I refuse to use the product. If more people did, the drug industry wouldn’t be so lucrative anymore.  They want us addicted.  It means more money.

At the end of the day, someone suffering from addiction has to make the choice to stay clean and not use.  If they choose to use, they’ll do it regardless of a stupid shirt.  If they can’t get prescription drugs to abuse, they’ll abuse street drugs.  It’s a fact of like.  Let’s stop placing the blame and learn personal accountability.  

P.S. I ordered one of these shirts.  Personally, I like them.  I would never wear it in public, but I wanted one so I ordered one.  

What are your thoughts?