Egg Beaters Garden Vegetable Scrambled Eggs or Omlete

17 Mar

I found a 4pk of Egg Beaters at BJ’s.  I didn’t know if I’d like them, because the package said they were made with egg white…and I hate egg whites.  However, I’m glad I gave them a spin because I like them better than regular eggs.


For my omelet, I decided to use fresh spinach, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, cheese and turkey.  Since I wanted so many different things incorporated into the omlette, I could only use a little of each item.


Unfortunately, I used too much egg beaters, so it turned out to be scrambled eggs.  Anyhow, it was delicious!!


I cooked down some of the veggies before adding the eggs.


Then I added the eggs and remaining ingredients and cooked to desired doneness.  Voila!!



One Response to “Egg Beaters Garden Vegetable Scrambled Eggs or Omlete”

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