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Green Eggs and Pancakes (Happy St. Patrick’s Day)

17 Mar

I decided to put a fresh, fun spin on breakfast for St. Patrick’s day.  Green pancakes and eggs!!  While the green pancakes were a hit, the green eggs (egg beaters) were a fail.  Apparently, the kiddos didn’t like egg beaters scrambled with cheese.  I like them, but I’ve never eaten them plain like that.  Oh well!!  Next time I’ll be sure to use real eggs lol.  I also have to admit that I refused to try the eggs because they grossed me out.  I don’t blame the kiddos one bit 🙂

Here’s out it turned out.  BTW, if you’ve never done it before, just add a couple drops of green food coloring to whatever you’re cooking.




See, I told you green eggs don’t look appetizing.  Ahh, it’s ok.  I learn something new everyday!!

Next up: Barbecue beef brisket, fried cabbage, roasted red potatoes, and grilled baja chipotle chicken.



Egg Beaters Garden Vegetable Scrambled Eggs or Omlete

17 Mar

I found a 4pk of Egg Beaters at BJ’s.  I didn’t know if I’d like them, because the package said they were made with egg white…and I hate egg whites.  However, I’m glad I gave them a spin because I like them better than regular eggs.


For my omelet, I decided to use fresh spinach, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, cheese and turkey.  Since I wanted so many different things incorporated into the omlette, I could only use a little of each item.


Unfortunately, I used too much egg beaters, so it turned out to be scrambled eggs.  Anyhow, it was delicious!!


I cooked down some of the veggies before adding the eggs.


Then I added the eggs and remaining ingredients and cooked to desired doneness.  Voila!!


Chili With Quinoa

14 Mar

It’s what for dinner (tonight) lol!

While cruising around AllRecipes, I found a recipe for chili using quinoa (pronounced keen-wa).  I decided that I’d make it for dinner for three reasons: I love chili, it’s cheap, and it uses quinoa.

This particular recipes includes zucchini, cilantro, and jalapeno.  I didn’t have any of it so I opted to make chili the way I normally make it (albeit I did include the corn).   Ground turkey was substituted for ground beef because I believe it is healthier. I decided that I wouldn’t add the quinoa to the pot as I didn’t want it to soak up the liquid.  I have some sort of aversion to adding noodles, rice, quinoa, etc. to the pot for that very reason.  The last thing I did was include a couple tablespoons of horseradish sauce because I like strong flavors and had it on hand.

My end result was a delicious pot of chili that is kid approved!  Yummy!  How do you incorporate healthy alternatives into food and still make it kid approved?

Cooking with Quinoa (keen-wa)

14 Mar

Cooked Quinoa

So I’ve begun my quest of healthier eating.  Earlier this week I purchased a 2lb. bag of Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) at BJ’s.  At the time, I only had one recipe in my mind: Stuffed Bell Peppers.

I first learned of Quinoa in a nutrition class for diabetics at VA hospital.  I can’t remember exactly what the dietician made, but I do remember being excited to use my new knowledge.  That same night, I made stuffed bell peppers using the usual ingredients but instead of using rice, I used Quinoa.  The family thought they were great.

While Quinoa is expensive (I paid about $2.50/lb), it is well worth it.  Because it has no flavor, it is versatile and can be used during any meal or snack.  It is also fat, cholesterol, and gluten free.  Who could pass it up.

Sounds too good to be true? The only downside I’ve found was that Quinoa is a bit grainy in some dishes and it could possibly take extra seasoning to give it some flavor.  Just depends on your taste buds…